Specialized Representation In Business Litigation And Real Estate Law

Riemenschneider, Wattwood & DeRosier, P.A., has been serving the needs of our Florida community from our Melbourne office since 1994 in business law and real estate matters. We understand what’s at stake for business owners when specialized expertise is not available or when legal matters develop into risky litigation.

Our decades of service have allowed us to offer our clients high levels of thorough representation with our team of dedicated professionals. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or a large company with a complex portfolio of legal needs, we are equipped to provide you with personalized attention, customized solutions and exceptional counsel that meets your best interests and business goals.

What Makes Us Right For You

An effective business law or real estate attorney knows how to mitigate risks and avoid litigation through careful planning, case review and extensive experience handling a wide range of legal needs. Our lawyers boast board certifications in four legal specialties, including business law, construction law, civil trial law and real estate law. This expertise means you will get nothing less than the highest quality representation and counsel.

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We pride ourselves on our team approach because we understand the benefit of working with a group of attorneys who each possess the necessary knowledge to resolve any legal matter, and we can ensure that nothing gets missed while representing you. We take a proactive approach to your needs and are ready to flex our strength in both litigation and negotiation. We do not back down from serious situations, and we can help clients no matter their size.

Your Best Possible Outcome Begins With Us

If you are looking for a team of lawyers that you can depend on to look out for you and your business, make sure you choose a law firm that understands the importance of quality representation and the team that can deliver it. Contact us by calling 877-706-1631 or emailing us here.